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Shooting Scene Key/Lead/Coat Holder

This is the perfect place for all your keys, leads, coats - you name it. The photo shows the small option saying "KEYS" which is 185mm wide with 4 hooks.


They come in different sizes and options and have 2 holes for hanging:

- Small 185mm wide saying "KEYS" with 4 hooks

- Small 185mm wide syaing "LEADS" with 4 hooks

- Medium 300mm wide saying "KEYS" with 6 hooks

- Medium 300mm wide saying "LEADS" with 6 hooks

- Medium 300mm wide with no writing and 6 hooks

- Large 420mm wide with no writing and 6 hooks

- Large 420mm wide with no writing and 8 hooks


If we haven't covered the option you'd like please just get in touch. 


It is cut out of 3mm (8 gauge, 1/8 inch ) steel with our CNC plasma cutter and comes in raw steel (which will rust in time if not protected). It's the perfect little project to paint yourself. Get yourself some metal paint or an aerosol and personalise it in no time or let it develop it's own beautiful patina. 

Shooting Scene Key/Lead/Coat Holder

  • Please have a read through our T&Cs regarding lead times etc and be sure to read our page on Finishes to ensure you make the right choice.

    We do encourage you to take the raw steel item as a challenge to make it your own.

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