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  • I want a custom design for my business/company or personal logo. How do I order?question?
    Please contact us at including the size, logos/images you have and/or any other details/ideas you may have ie custom mounting/special requirements etc. We will respond with a quote which will include custom designing cutting/finishing and P&P of your item. If your happy with this we will put a custom listing on our website. At this point you can add finishes like powder coat etc. We will then work with you to design your custom sign/product until your 100% happy.estion go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Can I see my design before I pay?
    Unfortunately not, we have dozens of enquires per day, the design process is not a 10 minute job and can take hours in some cases and may need adjusting several times after that.
  • I want a complex custom design. How do I know if my design will be possible?
    If you have any doubt of the complexity of your design please feel free to email us at Plasma cutting/laser cutting has a "kerf width" or width of cutting tool (the size of the paint brush) which for our plasma if around 1.5-2mm. So bearing this in mind a small detailed image may not be possible without significant alterations and loss in resolution. With careful design and alterations very detailed designs are possible with amazing results.
  • Will my custom image/design have to be altered in any way?
    To get a "non dxf file" ready for the cutting process the design always has to be modified slightly due to size, details, and keeping the image as one - so the image doesn't drop out (picture a stencil). But in most cases the design process we carry out has little to no impact in the overall outcome.
  • I've ordered a stock item sign can I alter that?
    Absolutely yes! We will not charge for altering "TEXT" or "NUMBERS" ie, Hall Farm Stables to Highbarn Stables etc. If images, font or structure needs altering then we would process it as a custom design. In that case please email us at
  • I have no image or logo but have some ideas, can you design something from scratch?"
    Yes, of course we can. Please contact us with the ideas, any images you like, size and any other special requirements to We will quote and create a custom listing for you. Then the design process will begin.
  • Can you cut my sign or part straight from a dxf file?
    Yes we can, as long as the image has no errors.
  • Do you make anything else other than signs? Can you make this?
    Yes we can. We can cad design and fabricate anything weather it's for the house or home to automotive and engineered solutions.
  • I run a business and need multiple parts/signs/products making. Can you do this?
    Yes absolutely. Please email for a special price.
  • Do you deliver internationally?
    Yes we do, we ship worldwide. If your country is not listed please contact us for a price.
  • I need an accurate part making. What are your tolerances?
    We have tolerance of +/- 1mm due to the kerf and accuracy of plasma. We always mark and drill small holes for greater accuracy.
  • What quality/format images do we require to design your logo/sign?
    Ideally we need a high resolution PNG file. We can map off of other formats but does increase design time. We cannot design from photos/pictures. This has to be done from scratch which will increase design time. Poor resolution images will also increase design time.
  • I have a part that needs recreating. Can you do this?
    Yes we can, we would need accurate measurements, drawings or the physical part to do this.
  • I have a prototype idea or a product. Can you engineer this? What other services do you ?
    We have a fully equipped workshop. We can offer a wide range of services including machining, CNC plasma, Mig welding stainless/steel, Tig welding stainless, steel, aluminum and sheet metal fabrication. Having a background in cars we have a fully kitted out Automotive service from chassis builds, custom parts, engine conversion/restoration work. Please enquire for details
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